Changemakers move our world forward in positive ways. Sometimes large sweeps, sometimes tiny nudges – all important and needed. All-In Changemaker Consulting Inc. supports those organizations doing this good work.

In short, we help nonprofits be the change they want to see in the world.


All-In Changemaker Consulting Inc. moves our community, country, and world forward in positive ways.


Integrity, wisdom, know-how, and kindness are values we hold dear.

Questions we ask when taking on any project:

  • How do we create a win-win?
  • Is our integrity running parallel to our know-how?
  • How can we bring value to the end user? …..The client, the customer, the program participant, the donor, the funder, the board member.
  • What are the mission, values, and vision we’re working with?
  • What’s important to the organization? What are the project goals in the immediate? Long-term?
  • How can we best be of service? Do we need to bring in others to the team who can enhance our ability to serve?

How Can We Help YOU?

A quick consultation call with Beth Harding will give you insight into how we can help you and your nonprofit.

Perhaps you need help engaging your community? Perhaps you need some strategic planning to make sure you get where you want to go? Maybe a communications audit, plan, and implementation are needed? Board training? Social media planning? We've got you covered.

Give Beth a call and we'll chat about how we can support your good work.


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