After interviewing Beth Harding, we at McDougall House Association were pleased to hire her to complete a three month contract for us, mainly to upgrade our web site, social media and give us a preliminary marketing plan. She was very quick to meet with the right people involved and proved to be very understanding and sympathetic to our needs. She immediately understood the culture, needs and challenges of McDougall House. Beth worked with her contacts and developed a very good website result. As well, she sourced funding that was available to us for the undertaking. Beth Harding puts heart and soul into her projects, and uses her knowledge of the not for profit world to good result.

Winifred Blades
Board Chair
McDougall House Association


Not the typical business consultant, Beth combines listening, energetic scoping, emotional maneuvering, encouragement and excitement with practical know-how in marketing, writing, and business. Beth holds an assertive but oh-so-fun way of challenging her clients to see their manifestation (their business) as a reflection of them, see the imbalances or opportunities, and provide coaching, solutions, etc.  Beth has the rare capacity to look at the details but keep the larger picture in mind, continually bringing back the task and intention of the business and client.

Kim Tanasichuk
Kim Tanasichuk Web Design


Thank you Beth, for being you. There truly is no one who could have helped me as well as you did. I so appreciate your compassion, ability to create organized thoughts and and pizzazz to all that you create! Amazing you are, Beth, amazing!

Jackie Pearce
Golden Lady Wholistics