About Us

Our Approach

All-In Changemaker Consulting Inc. prides itself on being of service to those making positive changes in our community, country, and world. By offering nonprofit and communications support, All-In Changemaker Consulting Inc. is doing its part to “be the change.”

Our values are strong and aligned with those we serve: integrity, honesty, optimism, and kindness.

Our approach is to keep the vision of your organization in mind and at the forefront while managing, developing, creating, and evaluating the details. We work within a win-win premise so all involved are satisfied and comfortable.


All-In Changemaker Consulting Inc. moves our community forward in positive ways by helping nonprofits communicate clearly and with purpose.


Integrity, wisdom, know-how, and kindness are values we hold dear.

Questions we ask when taking on any project:

  • How do we create a win-win?
  • Is our integrity running parallel to our know-how?
  • How can we bring value to the end user? …..The client, the customer, the program participant, the donor, the funder, the board member.
  • What are the mission, values, and vision we’re working with?
  • What’s important to the organization? What are the project goals in the immediate? Long-term?
  • How can we best be of service? Do we need to bring in others to the team who can enhance our ability to serve?

Meet the Team

All-in Changemaker Consulting Inc. is the inspiration of Beth Harding. When appropriate, All-In collaborates with one or more associates to ensure the a positive outcome for all involved is achieved.

Beth Harding


Certified in Asset-Based Community Development (Tamarack Institute), Beth’s forte is  communications. In addition, managing projects, keeping the vision in mind while focusing on the details, keeps Beth’s interest piqued. Ever the student, Beth is currently enrolled at Mount Royal University in an extension certificate in Nonprofit Management. She is a vibrant force, enthusiastic visionary, and competent doer of great work.

Contact Beth

Kim Tanasichuk

Web designer extraordinaire and graphics queen – Kim is pure, calm joy and brings her many years of experience in website design to her clients. She has a keen, observant, intuitive style that lends itself well to heart-centred, positive-moving businesses, organizations, and people. Check her out at kimtanasichuk.com.

Leah Fiorillo

Leah is an active community enthusiast and VP at her league currently in Landsdowne. A former Oliver Community League treasurer, Leah knows how to assess budgets, projects, and all the details and has done so for the federal government and elsewhere. Leah’s detail-oriented approach lends itself well to her business, Eco Chic Events, and she brings that and her friendly spirit to all she does.