Your brand, website, ads, marketing materials, how you speak to customers, how you do ‘business’, the values you uphold, the service or product you provide – all are messages about your organization. What story are you telling?

Communications Planning

What’s your story? Do you tell it effectively? Do your internal and external audiences understand your story, buy in, and listen? How do you ‘speak’ to your audiences?

Services we provide:

  • Communications Audit – We’ll review how you are currently communicating and who you are reaching, how often, and with what impact.
  • Communications Planning – We’ll start with what’s strong and move to what’s ‘wrong’ or not working as well as needed. With your input, we’ll create a communications plan that suits your nonprofit’s distinct needs.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is like a wonderful waltz between the marketer and those being engaged. ~ Beth Harding

How are you engaging on social media?

Services we provide:

  • Social Media Audit – How are you doing with what you’re doing on social media? Are you engaging your followers? Creating the story? We can audit your social media effectiveness and provide you with insight.
  • Social Media Plan – This can be super detailed or very high level, neither of which has to be complicated. We can co-create a plan that works for you.

Website Development

The must-have for every nonprofit, websites can be effective and useful or downright clunky. Who’s going to be using your website? How will they find it useful? What you want to say and how you want to convey it may not be as useful as what your end user actually needs. It’s one of the most powerful tools for your organization, so your website needs to be impactful.

Services we provide:

  • Website content strategy and writing
  • Website design and creation (in association and collaboration with Kim Tanasichuk Web Design)
  • Website review and evaluation


Social isolation is simply not good for us. We need to be seen and acknowledged, if only now and then, to be fully alive. ~ Beth Harding 

Remember the concept of ‘it takes a village’ – well, it does. But how do we get to know one another if our lives don’t naturally lead to human connection? Meeting our neighbours, creating simple points of contact, relating in small ways to each other, all lead to community. So how does it all start? How do we create community? One person at a time.

Services we provide:

  • Review, analysis, and reporting of your current community engagement activities
  • Strategic engagement planning customized to your needs and goals
  • Development and delivery of engagement activities, including various communications tactics and event planning


There are times when we need a second (or third or fourth) set of eyes. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day meanderings of the operations of our nonprofits and lose sight of the vision. We can take a look at how you’re working and make suggestions to help you gain momentum towards achieving your vision.

Services we provide:

  • Deliberate and detailed review of your organization as a whole, and by role, as determined after an initial consultation
  • Recommendations as required to secure and achieve the vision and mission of your organization


We’d love to chat further about how to be of service to you. Drop us a line and let’s meet.

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