Small Business


Your brand, website, ads, marketing materials, how you speak to customers, how you do business, the values you uphold, the service or product you provide – all are messages about your business. What story are you telling?

Social Media Marketing

Social media is like a wonderful waltz between the marketer and those being engaged. ~ Beth Harding

How are you engaging on social media? 

Services we provide:

  • Social Media Audit – How are you doing with what you’re doing on social media? Are you engaging your followers? Creating the story? We can audit your social media effectiveness and provide you with insight.
  • Social Media Plan – This can be super detailed or very high level, neither of which has to be complicated. We can co-create a plan that works for you. 
  • Retainer – We’ll manage your social media for you on a monthly retainer and let you know how it’s working for you. There is a reciprocity to this service in that we collectively determine how best to suit your needs. Perhaps you provide content? Perhaps we provide content? Perhaps it’s a mix? This service is individualized and as collaborative as it needs to be for you. 

Website Development

The must-have for every business, websites can be effective and useful or downright clunky. Who’s going to be using your website? How will they find it useful? What you want to say and how you want to convey it may not be as useful as what your end user actually needs. It’s one of the most powerful tools for your business, so your website needs to be impactful.

Services we provide:

  • Website content strategy and writing
  • Website design and creation (in association and collaboration with Kim Tanasichuk Web Design)
  • Website review and evaluation


Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and out of our depth as small business owners – that’s expected and horrible simultaneously. Beth’s business coaching and consulting is effective and fun. The goal of Beth’s consulting is to help you achieve your vision with simple, manageable steps to keep you on track while working towards your goals. All aspects of your business will be reviewed to gain an understanding of the strengths and opportunities. 

Services we provide:

  • As-and-when coaching and consulting.
  • Ongoing coaching and consulting. (monthly retainer, minimum 3 months)